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The instructor was highly committed to engaging the students. I found her openness to "learning alongside the students" to be refreshing and encouraging - and the real life examples she brought to the discussion were helpful and enlightening.
Student in Nonprofit Management

The instructor did a wonderful job creating an easy-to-follow syllabus. Additionally, she assigned readings which were interesting, thought-provoking and meaningful. Her immediate feedback was excellent.
Student in Education

I can get online when my daughter goes to bed at 8 p.m. and work until 10:30 p.m. ... study during my lunch and on weekends, and it all works out just great. I would have never been able to take the time away from my daughter to go back to college at night.
Student in MIS

I find this format very efficient and flexible for students who work full-time and have other responsibilities. As far as getting to know the other students is concerned, I think this format affords more interaction and collaboration and is very user-friendly.
Student in Public Health

The University of Illinois has figured out how to design and implement distance-learning curricula and deliver them. The more I browsed the other college and university online resources, the more evident it became that I'm at one of the leading online Universities in the nation!
Student in Liberal Studies

Online courses give me the flexibility I need. I work late and can get online early in the day when I'm fresh.
Student in Health Professions Education

I thought this was extremely well done, and proves it can be done. The world is full of professionals that are interested in taking real courses for credit, but are on the road all the time.
Student in Financial Engineering

My experience in LEEP has gone far beyond my expectations. The talented graduate assistants were available at seemingly all hours to answer technical questions. The course work has been challenging and fun.
Student in Library and Information Science


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