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Aerodynamics and Flight Mechanics

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Curriculum: Courses that can be applied toward the certificate are:

  • AE 410: Computational Aerodynamics (3 or 4 credit hours)
  • AE 416: Applied Aerodynamics (3 or 4 credit hours)
  • AE: 419 Flight Mechanics (3 or 4 credit hours)
  • AE 451: Aeroelasticity (3 or 4 credit hours)
  • AE 515: Wing Theory (4 credit hours)
  • AE 550: Nonlinear Aeroelasticity (4 credit hours)
Students must earn a B or higher in each course. Courses cannot be applied to multiple certificates. However, courses taken while pursuing certificates can be applied toward the MS AE degree. Up to 12 hours of coursework taken by non-degree students and/or those pursuing certificates can be transferred into the MS AE degree. A separate application is needed for the MS AE program.


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