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Educational Research Methodology Certificate

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Program URL: https://mesaonline.ec.uic.edu/

Campus: Chicago

Program Type: Certificate

Award Conferred: Certificate

Total Number of Credit Hours: 12 Sem. Hr(s).

The College of Education at the University of Illinois at Chicago offers a completely online graduate certificate program in Educational Research Methodology (ERM). The ERM online certificate provides opportunities for students to upgrade their educational research skills without enrolling in a Masters or PhD program. Students will be prepared to use these skills to conduct research within their own content areas and for a variety of different positions in research and applied settings. The ERM online certificate provides opportunities for several populations: private and public sector workers in education and other social science fields who want to upgrade their research skills, graduate students from education and other fields who want training in research methods, and those individuals desiring to pursue a shorter and focused course of study in educational research.


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