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Mathematical Sciences

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Program URL: http://www.uis.edu/math/

Campus: Springfield

Program Type: Bachelor's Degree

Award Conferred: Bachelor of Arts

Total Number of Credit Hours: 60 Sem. Hr(s).

The Mathematical Sciences program is designed to meet the ever-increasing demands for diverse quantitative skills. The curriculum provides an opportunity to obtain the Bachelor of Arts degree in Mathematical Sciences, designed to prepare students for careers using mathematics, operations research, and statistics in the fields of teaching, research, industry, insurance, and management or for graduate study in Mathematical Sciences or related areas. By making different choices from technical electives, students can prepare for a wide variety of careers. Those who plan to teach mathematics or work in engineering or the physical sciences should choose mathematics courses. Those who wish to apply mathematical methods to life sciences, social sciences, or business fields should choose operations research or statistics courses. Any of these choices provide excellent preparation for graduate work in fields that need quantitative skills.


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Phone: (217) 206-8405
E-mail: math@uis.edu
Web page: http://www.uis.edu/math


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