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Engineering Law and Management Certificate

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Program URL: http://meng.uic.edu/certificates/

Campus: Chicago

Program Type: Certificate

Total Number of Credit Hours: 12 Sem. Hr(s).

Admission Deadline: Fall: July 10 | Spring: December 10

Enhances knowledge of legal principles affecting the engineering profession and intellectual property laws. Topics include basic contract, tort principles, and environmental law. Also, patent, copyright, trade secret, mask work, cyber-squatting legal and procedural principles; protection for novel software, biotech inventions, business methods, and trademark protection for domain names.


Carolyn Williams 
Program Coordinator
MEng Program College of Engineering
851 South Morgan Street
816 SEO/ MC 171
Chicago, IL 60607-7043
Phone: (312) 996-9806
Fax: (312) 996-8664
E-mail: carolynw@uic.edu


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